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About Us


We are Ballanby and we launched in Spring 2015.

We are passionate about the traditional craftsmanship and heritage materials of our home country, Scotland.

We produce design-led collections which respect the tradition and heritage of the materials and processes used to create them.


Our materials:

Tweed, cashmere, lambswool and linen are the main fabrics that we use in the creation of our collections.  These materials have a rich and very long tradition within Scotland.  Read more about the production of Harris Tweed and the history of the weaving industry in Scotland on our blog.


Not all Tweed products are created equal:

This is a fact, what differentiates them is the design of the end product.  We take a very modern approach to the design of our pieces, believing that a material that has been produced for hundreds of years in exactly the same way can still have a definite place in the 21st century.