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Three Ways To Wear

We think it's about time pocket squares had a comeback, so here are three simple ways to wear your pocket square for a bit of style inspiration. Pocket squares aren't just for weddings; pop one in your suit pocket to stand out from the crowd in the office, or add one to your blazer for a dapper weekend look. 

1. Crossover Fold
Take your pocket square and fold diagonally so the bottom corner just overlaps the top corner to form a crossover triangle. Fold in each side to make the triangle the same width as your pocket. Get extra tweed points if you manage to get the Harris Tweed logo pointing the right way up.
Best for: guys who like a twist on the classic.

2. Straight Fold
Fold your pocket square in half lengthways to form a rectangle. Then fold again to create a square, or vary the height of your fold to create a larger or more slimline look. Place your square in your pocket with just the top peeking out - make sure to have the rounded folded edge pointing up and the loose edges tucked away.
Best for: modern and minimal gents.

3. Scrunch Fold
Lay your pocket square on a flat surface then pick it up by pinching the very centre of the square. Use your other hand to lightly flatten the scrunched square so it creates a loose triangle shape. Tuck the pocket square inside your pocket, carefully fluffing it up until you're happy with the shape.
Best for: those who like things a little rough around the edges.

Easy peasy, three different ways to wear your pocket square for any occasion. What's your favourite way to wear a pocket square?

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